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Young Storytellers of Scotland

Young Tellers

The Young Storytellers of Scotland promotes storytelling by young people and supports young storytellers. Led by storyteller Tim Porteus, the charity encourages all young people in Scotland to develop their talents and skills and focuses particularly on creating opportunities for young people from areas of poverty or social deprivation. One of their main focuses is to involve young people who struggle with literacy, confidence and self-esteem, all of which storytelling can enhance and develop.

Here’s a video of Tim talking about the charity, the impact it has on young people and about the Young Storytellers of Scotland project, Telling Tales:

"Imagine a young person who has a vivid imagination and wants to express it, but just can't "Imagine for a moment a youngster who is disconnected from learning at school, who sees no relevance in what is being taught. A youngster who has little opportunity to express his or her views at home, who is marginalised and disconnected from their community, with little or no pride of place.seem to get it down on paper. One who lacks a belief in himself, who has had little encouragement and so lacks self-esteem. Or maybe imagine a screen addict, who spends almost all their free time sitting in the bedroom playing computer games. Of course none of this takes a lot of imagination, you will probably know more than one young person that fits these descriptions. But it doesn't have to be so, there is an easy way out of the doldrums of a young person's life. I am talking about storytelling of course." (Tim Porteus, storyteller)