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Booking Rates

The storytellers in our directory are professionals and all depend to some extent on storytelling as their livelihood. All storytellers listed in the directory can be booked for storytelling sessions and workshops through the Centre and are also eligible for subsidy through the Live Literature Fund (LLF) scheme, administered by Scottish Book Trust.

Invoicing: Storytellers normally invoice directly for any storytelling bookings. Invoicing can be processed by TRACS at the Scottish Storytelling Centre upon request, but a one-off £5 admin charge will apply.

Current rates recommended by the Scottish Storytelling Centre

Storytelling sessions

One Session (up to 1hr): £100 plus travel expenses
Half Day (up to 2hrs, normally 2 sessions with break): £150 plus travel expenses
Full Day (up to 4hrs, normally 4 sessions with breaks): £250 plus travel expenses

A full day consists of a morning and afternoon, or an afternoon and evening. A half day consists of a morning, afternoon or evening, comprising up to two hours of storytelling with a suitable break.

Storytelling training workshops (including CPD)

Half day £230 plus travel expenses
Full day £350 plus travel expenses

Not-for-profit/voluntary organisations:
Half day £200 plus travel expenses
Full day £300 plus travel expenses

Tailormade training (e.g. private sector business management workshop)

Priced according to requirements

Travel costs are charged at 40p per mile or cost of public transport. Where events and projects require a period of research, preparation and attendance at meetings there may be additional costs. Rates for work overseas or for long term long term projects involving several weeks of work are open to negotiation and should be discussed with the storytellers directly or with the Storytelling Network Co-ordinaton (see below).

For advice on booking a storyteller, organising a storytelling event or a skills workshop, please contact Miriam Morris.

Booking Rates

Here you can find our recommended booking rates.


Booking Guidelines

Here you can find guidelines on booking a storyteller.


Become a storyteller

Everyone is a storyteller! Find out how you can learn a few tales to share with friends or how you can become a professional.