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About the Directory

The Scottish Storytelling Centre began in the early 90s, when a group of people carrying on oral storytelling traditions, buoyed by the Scottish Folk Revival, set up an organisation to support storytellers and promote Scottish storytelling. The Directory was conceived as a public list of storytellers and tradition-bearers who were actively working as storytellers, to raise the profile of storytelling in Scotland and create an access point for those who wanted to find or book a storyteller to work with.

Today, the Directory holds listings for over 140 professional storytellers all over the country. Storytellers come from a huge variety of backgrounds, communities and traditions, and bring a variety of experiences, talents and approaches to their storytelling. They all hold in common a commitment to continuing the ancient art form and powerful form of communication that is oral storytelling, and to developing storytelling for contemporary applications and contexts.

All storytellers listed on the Directory are required to go through a peer accreditation process, which involves references, review and feedback by Directory members, and eventually recommendation for approval to join the Directory. Membership of the Directory is usually permanent, unless you tell us you are no longer active as a storyteller, or you move away from Scotland. 

The public, and the many organisations working with storytellers, use the Directory to find storytellers working in their area. The scale and breadth of the Directory sends out a clear signal about the health and vitality of Scottish storytelling.