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Storytelling Clubs

Storytelling clubs give you the chance to enjoy live storytelling or, if you are a budding storyteller, to practice telling tales in a supportive and informal environment alongside more experienced tellers. Below you will find a list of established storytelling clubs and storyteller development groups divided by area. If there are no clubs in your area, you or your organisation may wish to consider introducing storytelling to the activities of an existing club, or setting up a new club.

The Scottish Storytelling Centre is happy to offer advice on setting up clubs to appropriate contacts in the community. Please contact Miriam for advice.

Ceilidh Culture - Sourcing the art of story

If you visit Scotland today and see a 'ceilidh' advertised it is likely to be an evening of participative dancing with singing and music led by a 'ceilidh' band. However, ceilidh originally means 'visiting': a gathering of neighbours in a house to tell stories, sing and perhaps, but less often, to dance, if the evening went that way!

Over the last decade the Scottish Storytelling Network has revived ceilidhing in the old sense - as a format for intimate storytelling events with a strong social dimension. The structure of these evenings follows tradition: there is a host or hostess for the evening who welcomes everyone and contributes the first story or song. There may also be a designated guest storyteller who contributes at a few points in the evening, but it is open to all those attending to contribute and it is the role of the host to draw people in if they wish. Socialising goes on around this central core.

Tradition extends to payment. There are no tickets or booking - normally a hat is passed around for contributions to pay the guest storyteller and support the organisation.


Edinburgh's Guid Crack Club

The Guid Crack Club meets at 7.30pm at the Waverley Bar, St Mary's St, EH1 1SU usually on the last Friday of the month, but dates may vary in December. Entry by donation. For information, contact the Scottish Storytelling Centre on +44 (0)131 652 3272.

Café Voices

Café Voices is an intimate and welcoming spoken word night that normally takes place on the second Thursday in the atmospheric Storytelling Court at the Scottish Storytelling Centre. Check on our events calendar for any changes in the schedule or contact the Scottish Storytelling Centre on +44 (0)131 652 3272.

Burgh Blatherers Storytelling Club

Meetings normally take place on the third Friday of the month at The Fig Tree Bistro in Edinburgh (8 St. Mary's Street,  EH1 1SU) from 7pm onwards. Everyone is welcome to come along for an evening of storytelling where experienced and developing tellers can get extra performance time. Contact: Jackie Carothers (Secretary) or join them on Facebook.



Glasgow Better Crack Club

The Glasgow Better Crack Club meets every third Friday of the month from 7.30pm to 10pm at Tchai Ovna, Otago Lane, Glasgow. Mainly for adults.
Admission by donation £3. Contact: Frances Logan on + 44 (0)141 574 4136

Glasgow Even Better Crack Club

The Glasgow Even Better Crack Club meets once a month, generally on the second or third Saturday from 10.30am to 12 noon, at Woodside Library St George’s Road Glasgow. For families, children and we encourage children to tell.  Admission free (includes crisps). Contact: Frances Logan on + 44 (0)141 574 4136.



BagaTelle members meet at Gorebridge library on the last Monday of the month from 7.30 and afterwards on to the Black Bull for further refreshments. BagaTelle is a friendly storytelling development group open to all comers - from complete beginners to professional tellers. Contact: Lea Taylor ( or 0131 660 5783)


Silver Branch

Silver Branch is a small group in Highland Pertshire and meet on the Second Wednesday of the month at the Perth Arms in Dunkeld at 7.30pm. The club's numbers are small but there is a real commitment to encouraging and supporting individual members and strorytelling intiatives in the local communities. Contact: Claire Hewitt ( or 07765 166034).


Blether Tay-gither

The club meets every month on the last Tuesday at the Burgh Coffee house in Dundee. Tellers come from a wide range of backgrounds, from professional storytellers to folk who just want to listen, and from students to OAPs. Contact: Sheila Kinninmonth (

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