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The People's Parish

'We need to use Scotland imaginatively, to reassess and repossess it imaginatively; to suggest that many Scotlands might exist within its geographical bounds.'
James Robertson)

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The People’s Parish aims to enable people to shape and share the story of their own community, to find meaning in it by combining local stories, traditions and cultural memory with local creative voices.

The People's Parish PresentationThe inspiration for the initiative came from the Statistical Account of Scotland, which began over two hundred years ago at the close of the eighteenth century, when Ministers of every parish in Scotland were asked to write a detailed account of the state of their parish.

In the modern version we feel the story should be told not by a few professionals or central institutions, but by the people who live and work in each of Scotland’s 871 ancient civil parishes.

The aim of the People’s Parish is, in short, to produce 871 pieces of community-generated artwork in any medium and any genre.

The result will not only be a local resource, but also a multi-faceted and evolving mosaic of humanity and nature in Scotland as a whole, in the first third of the new century.

The resulting work will be archived and made available for future generations, while the process of producing the work will have many positive outcomes for the communities undertaking it.

TRACS is currently assembling ideas for supporting communities to carry out this work, backed up by information, resources, contacts and a network of field-workers and community artists.

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