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Trad Talk

The TMF organises several networking and development events throughout the year.


Trad Talk and Trad Talk Extra Events

TMF  and TRACS run discussion based events called Trad Talk involving contributors from across the traditional arts. Previous reports of these events can be found here:

In November 2015, the TMF ran a special trad talk event - Trad Talk Extra - with the theme 'Traditional Music, Where do we go from here?"

Click here to read the report from this event:

Trad Talk Extra 2015 report


Teaching Musicians’ Gatherings

The Traditional Music Forum aims to support organisations working in non-formal traditional music education.  One of the ways we do this is through our regular Teaching Musicians’ Gatherings held in various centres across Scotland.  These offer musicians who work in non-formal settings opportunities for professional development in areas like group-work, reflection and evaluation, complementing member organisations’ own training.

Visit our Resources section for reports from the events.