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The more organisations that join us, the louder and stronger our voice. Membership is open to organisations and individuals working in the field of traditional music in Scotland.

It costs just £20 per year. By being a member you can:

  • Be represented - the TMF is recognised as an important voice for traditional music and a key resource for agencies such as Creative Scotland and the Scottish Government. TMF staff attend a wide range of meetings and committees, ensuring that traditional music is understood and advocated for and that there is increasing access to traditional music across Scotland.
  • Promote your activities and events - this is free to all members of TMF. We are constantly informing members, official bodies, and the public of our members’ activities and events through social media, newsletters, the blog and news pages on our website, the wider media, and any other method necessary. 
  • Find out what’s going on - through our monthly newsletter, mailings and tweets, the TMF aims to provide a hub for information about what’s going on in the traditional music sector and beyond. We work hard at keeping our finger on the pulse of Scottish music and cultural policy.
  • Raise issues or concerns - we host TradTalk sessions where members can explore issues arising, or you can get in touch so that TMF is well briefed and able to represent
  • Share ideas - contribute to our newsletter, write a blog, attend our events, share information on Facebook and Twitter
  • Make alliances and new connections - through our events and our mailings you can connect up with other like minded organisations and individuals. 

How to join

Joining is easy. Simply fill in the online Membership Form (opens a new window).

You will then receive an welcome email with an invoice which will contain payment instructions.  Once you have joined we will add you to our mailing lists for the newsletter. 

We’ll also connect with you on Twitter and Facebook to make sure we can start to promote you. Don’t forget to keep us abreast of what you’re up to, though!

Want to know more?

To find out a little more about what the Traditional Music Forum does follow this link More...