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Preview: Disney Pixar's Brave

A friend of the TMF wrote this review after attending the much-anticipated premier. “Brave” opens in Scotland on 3rd August, and goes on general release in the UK on 13th August. It features some of Scotland’s finest traditional musicians and Alex Salmond says it will give a massive boost to the Scottish tourist industry, but what do you think of it? Tell us in the comments section below and let’s get some debate!

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Fiddlers on the Road: NAFCo 2012

Guest blog by Stuart Eydmann
Music researcher and fiddler Stuart Eydmann travelled to the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention in Derry/Donegal in late June 2012 and here records some impressions from the trip.

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Turning off the Cultural Super Highway

By David Francis,
We are social animals, and of course we need to get along better, be mindful of our rights and those of others (‘once you have rights what are the life possibilities?’ asks the Scottish poet, Kenneth White), keep working on the crisis of our political arrangements, and improving our living conditions through social policy. But if our vision is of a renewed human culture that allows for an expanded sense of being, and a new sense of our relationship with our earth, and if we think it important to re-think, re-ground and re-express the relationship between the human mind and the non-human world, then we have to look for resources.

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Making TRACS

Guest blog by Donald Smith
TRACS is a new collaboration between three representative Forums: the Traditional Music Forum, the Scottish Storytelling Forum and the newly formed Traditions of Dance Forum. It stands for Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland. In Gaelic that reads Ealain is Cultar Traidiseanta Alba, in Scots, Airts an Tradeetions Scotland.

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Member Profile: Inside Taigh na Teud

Guest blog by Christine Martin
Taigh na Teud / began publishing Scottish traditional music in 1985 in Tain, Ross- shire. We moved to the Isle of Skye in 1987. Here is the story of how the name originated:

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