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Crossover, anyone?

Guest blog by Clare Button
Traditional music must be nurtured by other soils as well as its own if it is to thrive, and there is little to equal the thrill when musicians from different cultures and traditions meet and spark off each other.

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Youth Music: Who's all coming?

Guest blog by Charlotte Murray
The Easter spree of youth music events is just about over, and frankly we’re all exhausted! But what of the participants? When you’re organising any kind of event, one of the main things on your mind is ‘who’s all going to come?’ There are quite a lot of youth music organisations in Scotland now, all doing brilliant things and hoping we can stay afloat in the troublesome economic times. But who’s coming?

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Celebrating Arthur Argo

Guest blog by Ewan McVicar
Hamish Henderson, Norman Buchan and Morris Blythman were the Big Three who brought the Scottish Folk Revival into life. Then they were joined by Arthur Argo. He started the Aberdeen Folk Club, created and ran the massively influential Chapbook magazine, wrote some tremendous newspaper articles and made crucial BBC radio programmes and recordings.

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Radio 2: Doing more for folk music than anyone else?

Guest blog by Paul Murray
At the end of the Trad Talk conference on the 24th March 2012, I was invited to give a talk about my experiences in Radio, particularly with regard to my show in Fresh Air Student Radio, “Fresh Folk”. I made a reference to Radio 2 and their efforts to further the cause of Folk Music in the mainstream and was aware of some raised eyebrows and tutting in the audience. I thought it would be worth expanding on my thoughts here.

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By David Francis
If you’d like to have a go at a game of ‘Buzzword Bingo’ this blog might not be a bad place to begin. We’ll start with the current government’s aim of ‘creating a more successful country, with opportunities for all of Scotland to flourish, through sustainable economic growth’. You can almost see the curl on Gordon Brewer’s lip already, and you yourself may want to coin an observation involving Maw and her apple pie.

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