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Video: Templars Dance Hall - Claire Hastings & Grant McFarlane

A song about romance at 'the dancing'.


I have recently been part of a project with two other musicians through Live Music Now Scotland​, performing in care homes and day centres around Paisley and Johnstone. We had an informal chat after each concert, where lots of memories of the area were shared. The dance halls were a common topic, where many of them had met their partners. I learned a lot about dancing etiquette! Templars Dance Hall in Paisley was particularly popular. This song is for everyone who has fond memories of 'the dancing'


Templars Dance Hall


It had been a long week at Ferguslie Mill

Spinning and winding was my job to fill

But as Friday drew nearer oh what a thrill

Couldn’t wait for the dancing at Templars


We’d already practiced our footwork that day

The latest dance steps we were keen to display

And with a spring in our step we could finally say

We were off to the dancing at Templars


Our best outfits on, we were dressed to the nines

With a shilling and sixpence we waited in line

We could hear the band playing so sweetly in time

At the Templars dance hall on that Friday


The foxtrot and quickstep had already passed by

When a handsome young fella distracted my eye

‘Are ye dancin’ he asked, ‘are ye askin’ says I

At the Templars dance hall on that Friday


I was Ginger Rodgers, and he Fred Astaire

He said I was pretty, that he liked my blonde hair

And that night as we danced I felt lighter than air

At the Templars dance hall on that Friday


When the clock struck eleven it was time to depart

My feet they were aching, and as was my heart

And I just couldn’t wait for the dancing to start

At the Templars dance hall the next Friday


by Claire Hastings