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Smith Commission

Although the TMF did not make a submission to the recent Smith Commission on Scottish devolution, as a member of the Culture Counts group it signed up to the following statement (which states some

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SongRoots: Are we passing on songs to the next generation?

The act of passing on songs through an oral tradition, has until recent times, been a large part of Scottish culture. Rhymes and songs have been passed from generation to generation within families and communities. We know that singing and specifically singing to children is educational and healthy for the mind and body; however, I have found that many people today are not singing, and notably, are not singing to children. Some do not want to sing but many just do not know what songs to sing or struggle to remember the songs from their own childhood.

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Interview: Treacherous Orchestra

Folk supergroup Treacherous Orchestra have just launched pre-orders of their new album ‘Grind’.

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Hawick Traditions in Place Day

Guest blog by Erin Farley

20th September 2014

The Traditions in Place Day in Hawick took place in the Textile Towerhouse museum, bringing together traditional artists from Hawick and the surrounding area – musicians, storytellers and dancers – with museum staff, researchers and heritage professionals, to explore different perspectives on the question of how to represent, nurture and record Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Scottish Borders.

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Rachel Newton: Creating 'Changeling'

Guest blog by Rachel Newton

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