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Traditional Music Forum

About the TMF

The TMF is a network of around 80 music organisations supporting Scotland’s vibrant traditional music community. We include clubs, festivals, community music projects, academic institutions, promoters, agents, publishers and labels among our members; representing a broad sweep of diverse activity and thousands of musicians, enthusiasts, activists, participants and listeners across Scotland.

The Traditional Music Forum, supported by Creative Scotland, aims to be:

  • Visible – and available, a first point of contact;
  • Vocal – a credible and authoritative advocate for traditional music;
  • Valuable – an effective representative of traditional music organisations in Scotland.

The Forum aims to advocate the place for traditional music at the heart of Scottish life and to promote the widest possible access to it. It is a key resource for information and advice on traditional music for Creative Scotland and other public bodies.

TMF Members

The TMF is made up of around 80 member organisations. They represent the wide range of people taking part in traditional music across Scotland.

Trad Talk & Teaching Musicians Days

The TMF organises several networking and development events throughout the year, including Teaching Musicians' Gatherings and the Trad Talk conference.

Trad Music & You

Find out about your opportunities to get involved with traditional music; from listening, to booking a musician, to learning.

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Smith Commission

Although the TMF did not make a submission to the recent Smith Commission on Scottish devolution, as a member of the Culture Counts group it signed up to the following statement (which states some...

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SongRoots: Are we passing on songs to the next generation?

The act of passing on songs through an oral tradition, has until recent times, been a large part of Scottish culture. Rhymes and songs have been passed from generation to generation within families...

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