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Stories at Work

Storytelling has been in the corporate world of advertising for decades but we just didn’t notice that it was the story that was hitting the mark. Storytelling is a timeless skill and story has been an essential vehicle for change throughout human history, now more than ever, with the extensive choice of media available, businesses have opportunities to stand out, spread the word, and be more successful through the use of back stories and the power of good storytelling.

Stories aim to create an interest and focus the attention in a way that dry data and blunt facts would never do. Any bit of information that we feel no connection to washes over us and is soon forgotten. Giving the same information as part of a story is much more effective, as the story focuses our attention and taps into our feelings and emotional attachment, meaning that the message or other bit of corporate information is remembered along with the story, even long after it was first heard. People are designed to engage with stories and will empathise with interesting characters, and storytelling can help the corporate world with that. In fact, the most successful companies are using this strategy to put themselves ahead of the game.

Last but not least, it is also important to remember that corporate storytelling relies on facts, never fiction, and is grounded solely in meticulous research. It is not about telling a tall tale, it is about telling a good story well.

Organisations, like people, thrive on stories.

We believe that stories and storytelling can be a vital tool for your professional and organisational development to help:

  • individuals and organisations become better communicators

  • manage change

  • creative growth and development

Storytelling in the Office?

'Stories can entertain, convey information, preserve cultures, build relationships and communities, change organisations.'
Steve Denning, The Springboard

Storytelling is about engaging and developing people, enabling them to put the power of stories to work in any context.

By shining new light on the familiar and bringing the unfamiliar to life in vivid ways, stories can lead people to new levels of understanding and help organisations deal with change. Storytelling techniques equip managers, leaders and influencers with the skills to communicate powerfully and effectively. Exploring an organisation's collective story can provide the right viewpoint from which to develop and grow, with the backing of everyone involved.

We provide a comprehensive range of training and development opportunities for you and your organisation. These range from motivational and teambuilding exercises, to skill development workshops and training days which are designed to respond specifically to the needs and culture of your organisation.

Our Stories at Work project use inspirational storytelling exercises and discussions to explore and revitalise many different facets of working lives. The outreach team are delighted to devise a tailor-made programme which may look at:

  • identity - where do we come from, what makes us unique?

  • being present - where we are now

  • values - rediscovering what's close to our hearts

  • leadership - listening and communicating

  • team-building - getting to know one another

  • voicing the story - engaging and inspiring

  • change - tackling the onward adventure

  • creativity - finding our voices, using our imaginations

  • vision - where have we been, where are we going

Email Miriam or call 0131 556 9579 to discuss the training and development options for your organisation.