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Storyteller in the Classroom

Group of primary children enjoying a storytelling session

School visits are a major part of each year's Scottish International Storytelling Festival. In 2015, over 2,600 children in schools across Scotland enjoyed a storytelling session as part of the Festival Outreach Programme.

We have a network of professional storytellers who can visit nursery, primary, secondary and SEN schools. Browse our Directory to find out more about professional storytellers in your area.

Cost and How to Book:

Half day (up to 2h, normally 2 sessions): £150 + £10 travel + 5 admin fee

Full Day (up to 4h, normally 4 sessions): £250 + £10 travel + 5 admin fee

If you would like to book a storyteller or need more information, please email or call on 0131 652 3272.

Before the visit

To ensure a quality storytelling experience, we recommend that you check with the storyteller how many children they are happy to work with in each session. Our guidelines suggest no more than 30 pupils for nursery and P1, and no more than 60 pupils for P2 or older.

Think about where the storytelling sessions take place. Eye contact between storyteller and listeners is really important. An intimate space and story circle is better than a large hall.

On the day

For insurance and child protection requirements, a responsible person must be present throughout the session. It is important that this adult – the class teacher if possible – is supportive and not engaged in a distracting activity. A storytelling session which encourages participation is an ideal opportunity to observe and encourage children’s listening and telling skills.


The storyteller’s visit is a positive learning activity and can enrich on-going classroom activity in a number of ways, including:

  • using stories and storytelling to explore themes, projects or curriculum areas
  • allowing children to develop their own storytelling skills
  • telling stories to other children in the school or to adults
  • collecting stories from families and communities
  • exploring use of languages and dialects
  • moving from oral to written versions of stories through storyboards
  • exploring stories through the expressive arts such as music and dance


Book a storyteller

We have over 140 professional storytellers in our Directory. You can search for a storyteller according to geographical area and/or their age-group specialty. For more information about our Directory and our storytellers please contact Donald.

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