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Storytelling CPD at the Scottish Storytelling Centre provides a pathway to developing a culture of storytelling in the classroom. Although there are many aspects to the CPD on offer, there are two main elements:

Firstly, as educators, you will develop your own storytelling skills, giving you the confidence to begin telling stories directly to children in your class. You will be shown techniques for learning and memorising stories and how to develop them so that they become your own. Following that, skills for the telling of stories will be explored. This will allow you to tell stories in your own engaging style, capturing the attention and imagination of the entire class. With these skills you will feel confident to begin sourcing stories to give a whole new approach to teaching.

The second main element of our CPD focuses on how to develop children as storytellers. You will explore techniques that you can include in lesson plans that will not only deliver the curriculum, but will empower and transform the children as learners. You will see how storytelling can be used to develop literacy skills as well as its potential to enhance teaching throughout the curriculum. This will allow you to give pupils the confidence to become independent active learners, telling and creating stories to share with classmates and audiences alike.

Storytelling CPD can be delivered as a one or two full days or else as a series of twilight sessions over a number of weeks, typically 4-6 weekly sessions of one hour each. Cost is dependant on format and duration but ranges typically between £300 and £600 (plus minimal travel costs) for a group of up to 18 participants. Gathering a group of teachers within the school or across schools in the area makes this kind of training very cost-effective.

CPD training can be delivered at your school or at a different venue as well as the Scottish Storytelling Centre and bespoke options are available.

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