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Scottish Storytelling Forum (SSF)

About the Scottish Storytelling Forum

The Scottish Storytelling Forum (SSF) is a diverse network of storytellers, organisations and individuals supporting Scotland’s vibrant storytelling community. It was founded in 1992 to encourage and support the telling and sharing of stories amongst all age groups and all sectors of society, particularly those who, for reasons of poverty or disability, are sometimes excluded from artistic experiences. 

The Forum Committee is responsible for maintaining and nurturing these traditions and enabling them to flourish in new ways. They support professional and community storytellers all over Scotland and advise on all aspects of storytelling development. They advocate the cause of storytelling and storytellers in all aspects of cultural and social life, valued by communities locally, nationally and internationally.

Storytelling has flourished in Scotland over centuries and is enjoying a contemporary renaissance. Traditional storytelling continues in Gaelic and Highland culture, in the Scottish Traveller way of life, in rural Scots communities, and in urban communities that live by 'word of mouth'. These fragile traditions represent a living cultural ecology which has the power to inspire our modern society. 

The Scottish Storytelling Forum aims to:

  • give every child in Scotland the experience of live storytelling
  • recognise, encourage and train storytellers in every community
  • sustain the Scottish Storytelling Centre as a national and international resource and inspiration
  • enable old traditions and values to flourish in new ways

The Scottish Storytelling Forum also promotes the study, practice and knowledge of storytelling in Scotland through the preservation and perpetuation of traditional storytelling and the development of storytelling as a contemporary art through the fostering of storytelling skills among all age groups, and the telling of stories in schools, colleges, prisons, community centres, churches and faith communities, libraries, hospitals, elderly care centres and festivals, throughout Scotland.

The Scottish Storytelling Forum (SC020891) is a member of TRACS (Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland).

Read more about the work of the Forum here.

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