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Wendy Woolfson

Wendy works in schools across Scotland, in museums, libraries and with community organisations on a variety of projects. She tells in tree houses, round camp fires, in gardens and anywhere a story needs to be heard. Wendy sprinkles songs, rhymes and riddles throughout, always with an eye out for the nonsense to be had. 

Wendy tells stories from all over the world finding inspiration from her own experiences of life, love and travel. She tell stories of wonder, journeys, fairies, magic, healing and love, all from the heart.

One of her passions is creating nurturing environments in which to share stories. Wendy has worked with young carers, looked after young people, social inclusion groups, women in refuge and adults and children with learning and physical disabilities. There is an enormous satisfaction when working with these groups not only as a storyteller but as a storylistener.

 In June 2010 as Producer of Stories for Health, Wendy organised and coordinated the first Scottish International Symposium on Storytelling as a Healing Art. 

 She also led on a number of short and long term projects with social inclusion and disability groups and collaborated with a variety of artists, musicians and writers.

Wendy provides workshops on many topics; for those starting out in storytelling to those looking to deepen their practice and confidence, and sessions to develop understanding of the therapeutic value within the stories. 

"Wendy has a very open engaged approach, actively listening and honouring while probing our reflections and motivations. This helps participants to clarify the key elements of what makes stories work with particular reference to using sense experience to animate narrative. She has a still strong presence which commands attention and a clear ability to manage individual/time dynamics." Workshop participant

Specialties: working with vulnerable or marginalised groups, Professional Development Workshops, Community Storytelling, Team Building and Coaching, Project Management.

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Area: Glasgow

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