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Susi Briggs

Susi Briggs is an active storyteller and usually appears to her audiences as Susi Sweet Pea the Fairy.

A lover of enchantment, her favourite tales usually incorporate the wee folk, dragons and giants. Susi’s repertoire includes traveller and traditional Scots tales. Susi also performs stories she has written herself. She also enjoys exploring and telling folktales from other parts of the world.

Susi sees storytelling as a way of escaping, for seeking wisdom and for healing hearts and minds. She is a firm believer that storytelling is a valuable medicine for all ages.

‘Let my story heal your story.’

For the sheer pleasure of it sometimes, Susi Sweet Pea the Fairy will visit nursing homes and day centres for older people as she is a firm believer that you’re never too old to enjoy a good tale well told.

Her working background is in the care sector which brings great understanding to the needs of older people in her community. Susi founded Music Matters in 2014 – a therapeutic, inclusive music session for people in care homes that aims to encourage self-identity, movement, memory and storytelling. Susi is also a volunteer for Alzheimer’s Scotland and is working on pilot projects such as Memory Lane and Play Matters.

Susi is a flexible performer who loves to dress up in character. As well as Sweet Pea the Fairy, Susi is also The Gruffalo, Mr Twit and the eerie ghost of her local castle. She loves to dress up in character!

Susi also uses music in her work, often asking the audience to listen to the melody of the native fairy flute and seeing what they can see as they listen to the haunting melody. Susi plays a variety of instruments, such as acoustic guitar and Bodhran drum.

In 2007, Susi formed The Wee Folk Storytellers and underneath this umbrella she performs solo or with her storytelling friend, Alan the Faun. On a larger scale The Wee Folk Storytellers are a group of Fae friends who create magical and enchanting spaces to explore. Children’s literature characters are often portrayed with these enchanted walks through the local woodlands.

Susi’s first Scots language children’s picture book, Nip Nebs, is a melodic imagining of an ancient Scottish sprite, otherwise known as Jack Frost. The lyrical story in Scots describes how Nip Nebs moves through our world creating beauty and form. Enchantingly illustrated by artist Ruthie Redden and published by Curly Tales Book Ltd.

Susi and Ruthie offer a Daydream Believers workshop for schools and family group events where participants can create their very own picture book, with the use of Scots language encouraged.

Susi was born in Dumfries in 1978 and grew up in a house where everyday news was like a story being told. Her grandfather and father were big influences on her when she was younger, and they often told her tales. Her grandfather would tell her scary ghost stories about the local area and her father would tell her about Doctor Giggli-gog the Wizard. These stories have been inspiration for Susi’s own projects, like The Magical Woodland Walk.

Fellow storyteller, Tony Bonning, encouraged Susi to become a storyteller, and she will always be grateful for his guidance and mentorship.

Her old headmaster, Mr Ogilvie, who is also a former president of The Robert Burns World Federation encouraged her to embrace and to love the Scots language.

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Mobile: 07541353065




8 Riverbank Court
Gatehouse of Fleet
Castle Douglas


Area: Dumfries and Galloway

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