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Peter Snow

Peter tells stories from all over the world, but mostly from Scotland and Ireland.  There is a special place in his heart for the tales of Brer Rabbit.  His love of storytelling goes back to childhood when Peter's father used to tell him stories when he was confined to bed with asthma.  Though the asthma has now faded the stories remain.

Peter is happy to tell to most age-groups, from primary age children to adults and the elderly.

During his colourful career, Peter has been a barman, a psychiatric nurse, and a goat-herder in Corsica.  For the past seventeen years he has been teaching English and Drama at a school which uses storytelling as an integral part of its pedagogy: Edinburgh Rudolf Steiner School.

Peter has told stories in barns, schools, and all sorts of venues across Britain, including buses and round campfires.  He has also appeared as guest storyteller at Edinburgh's Guid Crack Club.

Contact Information

Telephone: 0131 452 8796



17a South Gillsland Road
EH10 5DE

Area: Edinburgh

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