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Nancy Nicolson

Nancy Nicolson's stories are set firmly in Scotland, particularly in the North, with tales of Caithness, the Pentland Firth and the Selkies.  There are some from around the world too.  She mingles her storytelling with song and melodeon, and given half a chance, has the listeners participating.  Her natural use of Scots is fundamental to the richness of her storytelling.

As a singer, songwriter and storyteller, Nancy relates warmly to all audiences from toddlers upwards, through schools, Day Centres, Burns Suppers and ceilidhs.

Nancy was brought up on a croft in Caithness.  From behind the curtain in the box bed when she should have been sleeping, she used to hear her "Granda and his cronies yarning about poaching and illicit stills".  She remembers there was water from the well, peats for fuel, and a pair of Clydesdales as the only horse-power on the croft, but that did not stop her being an Elvis fan and a rock-n-roller when she went to the dances in Wick.

Nancy Nicolson is a scriptwriter for BBC Scotland Schools Radio and advises on Scots culture and language in the Scottish schools curriculum.  With the New Makars Trust she has taught songwriting in Fife, and currently works for Celtic Connections.  She is a favourite with audiences at folk clubs, in pubs and at festivals.

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Telephone: 0131 667 0534



22 West Preston Street

Area: Edinburgh

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