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Marie Louise Cochrane

Marie Louise has been working as a professional storyteller for eight years and loves to tell all kinds of stories from Scottish, fairy and family tales to humorous tales for adults and the singing of songs and ballads. She particularly loves stories about food and especially Scottish food.

She is the creator of ‘Mrs. Mash the Storytelling Cook: Tales that nourish, Stories that satisfy.’ Mrs. Mash tells food-related stories with interactive elements and specially written action songs, comic props and examples of foodstuffs to illustrate the stories. This not only encourages a love of good food, but also inspires an interest in where it comes from, where it fits into our culture and creates an understanding of why it’s good for us.

Mrs. Mash can be found telling to children and their families in cafes, school health or Scottish events, nurseries, festivals of food, science or literature and at events with the Fife Diet.

Marie Louise regularly collaborates with storyteller and puppeteer Ailie Finlay to provide special multisensory storytelling sessions for families who have children with special needs.

Recently Marie Louise has been developing stories based around words in Scots and English derived from Gaelic like "smidgen", "smashing" and 'ben". For these sessions she sends preparatory ideas around familiar Scottish words to explore in class before my visit.

She enjoys working regularly with small children, encouraging participation with songs, rhymes and actions, but also likes telling stories to adults like her regular storytelling suppers at Bijou Bistro in Edinburgh or in care settings for elderly people.

Marie Louise was born and bred in Edinburgh where she still lives. Her earliest experiences of storytelling were children’s stories and long-winded jokes told to her and her sisters by her parents, as well as humorous tales accompanied by singing at family parties in her granny’s house. She soon learned to do a ‘party piece’ and, in one way or another, she has carried on performing ever since!

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Telephone: 0131 467 1449

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Area: Edinburgh

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