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Gift Amu Logotse

Gift Amu Logotse is an experienced creative and performing artist, trading as Amu’s Cultural Arts Services (ACAS). Amu has collected over 500 stories between traditional stories and new stories based on continental African concepts and values, observations and social commentary. For the past 34 years in Ghana, London, Scotland and mainly the around UK, Chief Amu shared his stories, both illustrative, narrative and interactive, with participants from nursery, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, church groups, community groups, universities and corporate team building workshops.

Chief Amu was born and brought up in Accra in Ghana, but his cultural roots are in a Ewe village in the Volta Region of the country. He sees himself as a tradition bearer and his Art work as symbols of communication.Since coming to settle in Scotland, he has been involved in many professional and community arts projects and classes, often working with local artists, dance, drama groups and musicians. He travels widely throughout Scotland and beyond, offering practice-based creative arts workshops in schools, youth centres and community settings.

Chief Amu’s work in formal education settings is designed to enable inclusive creative participation engaging with cross-curriculum creative learning opportunity, from primary to higher education.
Amu believes that creative and performing arts can inspire both traditional and contemporary forms of learning. His tried and tested methods are designed to support teaching with a direct impact on results and experience.

Chief Amu’s sessions are flexible, and his collection of stories can suit any requirement at setting. His storytelling activities and workshops can be tailored to the needs and experience of any class or group. They can be delivered in-timetable, in-school, and after-school.

Amu offers creative interactive storytelling, creative drumming and creative decorative arts & craft workshops, enabling secondary school students, primary pupil’s teachers and participants from Special Schools and SEN units to take part and get creative.

Chief Amu is able to facilitate Black History African & Arts Tours, Assemblies or Visiting Artist Mini Residencies by invitation only for schools and community Groups. He is always happy to answer questions connected to his work as a creative and performing artist and tutor developing school and communities with the Arts.

Contact Information

Telephone: 0141 2582911

Mobile: 07985 623 870




The Africa Art Centre
286 Broomloan Road
Ibrox, Govan

Glasgow G51 2JQ

Area: Glasgow

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