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Frances Logan

Frances enjoys telling stories. She tells stories at work, in schools, at storytelling clubs in fact anywhere she can. She enjoys telling fairy-tales, myths and legends from all over the world.  Her stories often involve audience participation, props and song. 

Her love of stories comes from her mother.  Every night at bedtime the journeys began and continued for many years. Frances was raised on folk tales, fairy tales, made-up tales, and tales of “What happened to you, when you were growing up?” These were always told, never read - her mother’s arms were free to hold, to hug.

Frances’ use of and love of stories from all over the world stems from her work as an English for Speakers of Other Languages Tutor. She often uses stories of various genres as an aid, not only to develop student’s language skills but also to learn from her students. 

In her former employment as a library assistant ‘Storytime’ was her favourite duty – to watch those young faces enthralled and animated with the told tale. 

Frances has told in schools, colleges, museums, libraries, fairs etc. She has been involved in training events including residential weekends. She has been a featured teller at events all over Scotland and has taken part in storytelling festivals in Europe.  She is an ambassador for storytelling and for this she was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award from Glasgow Storytellers and is a recipient of a Whuppity Scoorie Crown Brooch from South Lanarkshire Council for services to storytelling in South Lanarkshire.

She is the organiser of the two oldest storytelling clubs in Glasgow; The Better Crack Club and The Even Better Crack Club and has been for many years.

Contact Information

Telephone: 0141 574 4136



74 Mingulay Street
G22 7DY

Area: Glasgow

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