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Fergus McNicol

For Fergus storytelling is about fun, drama, and creating a connection between himself, the characters and the audience. Fergus tells a wide range of tales including Irish legends, Scottish folk tales (especially adventures of Wee Jack!), Norse and Greek myths, environmentally themed stories and tales from around the world. He also loves to tell participative stories for younger audiences with plenty of songs and rhymes to join in with.

Fergus works in partnership with other storytellers and artists:

  • Macastory (with storyteller Ron Fairweather) perform fun filled theatrical storytelling for large audiences
  • Shake Your Tale! (with dancer/nutritionist Frances Bavin) specialise in story/dance performances and workshops for children and families
  • Och Aye Kamishibai is a mash-up of Japanese and Scottish story performed with storyteller Mio Shapley using traditional Japanese kamishibai picture cards.
  • Fergus also works on arts and crafts based projects with artist Frances Priest.

Fergus’s lively and humorous style grabs younger audiences, teenagers and adults, making them part of the story. He also frequently sings, accompanied by his guitar, the audience joining in too! He finds storytelling to be the ideal way to connect with people, both young and old, and believes that each person takes from a tale something that calls out to them personally. He has worked extensively on story-creating projects integrating storytelling with other art forms such as shadow puppetry, model making and environmental art. Much of his teaching has involved using storytelling to develop literary skills in young learners. He provides CPD training for educators.

Fergus grew up in Cumbernauld and Jedburgh and later lived for periods in the USA and Canada. In his early teens he discovered the Irish tales of Finn McCool and Cuchulain. These stories fired his imagination and, when introduced to storytelling round the campfire while teaching in the USA, he was filled with excitement and a desire to tell of the adventures of his heroes to the eager listeners. As a primary school teacher for the past 19 years, Fergus has always incorporated storytelling into his classroom to the delight of his pupils!

Fergus has told tales in many schools and libraries across Scotland and further a-field, as well as at a variety of festivals including the Edinburgh International Book Festival and The Scottish International Storytelling Festival. As well as his native Scotland, he has performed in the USA, Sweden and Norway. And his secret? He has a passion for Zumba and is a qualified instructor!

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Telephone: 0131 556 2399

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Area: Edinburgh

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