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Douglas Mackay

Dougie is a forward-thinking community artist who is prominent amongst Scotland's emerging storytellers, weaving stories from his homeland with tales from his travels in West Africa, Europe, India and North America.

Training with the likes of David Campbell, George Macpherson and Janis Mackay helped develop a healthy respect for tradition, whilst his innovative approach to storytelling and performance has seen him invited to festivals across the UK, including Festival at the Edge in 2017, where a fellow storyteller described him as the “surprise star” of the event.

With a background in Community Learning and Development, 12 years of facilitation and youth work, and 15 months employed as a “Community Storyteller”, Dougie enjoys working with groups from all demographics and can design bespoke storytelling programs and sessions to suit any age, environment or background. 

Dougie is passionate about rejuvenating "ceilidh culture" and will bring enthusiasm to social projects with storytelling at their heart.  

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Area: Glasgow

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