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David Campbell

David Campbell's repertoire of tales ranges from ancient Celtic epics of Ireland and Scotland, through stories of adventure and romance, of faith and love, to humorous anecdotes and quirky comic tales.

David is a warm, flamboyant personality who draws the audience into the drama and heart of his story. He is experienced with all age groups, equally at home in schools, libraries, community centres and festivals. In the firm conviction that there is a storyteller in everyone, David happily leads storycraft sessions, courses and workshops at all levels.

Born in Edinburgh in 1935 and brought up in Fraserburgh, two previous careers as a teacher and as a radio producer for the BBC have prepared David to enter seriously into his third profession drawing on his childhood legacy of the North East and under the influence of Scotland's Traveller storytellers. Spanning these various careers, he has made imaginative contributions to religious education.

David Campbell is a founder member of the Scottish Storytelling Forum. He appears regularly at storytelling festivals both at home and overseas.

Image Credit Mike Wilkinson.

Contact Information

Telephone: 0131 558 3550




33 Dundas Street

Area: Edinburgh

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