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Daniel Serridge

At bedtime, when he was a child, Daniel would have stories told to him by his father but for some reason he didn’t like them and insisted that he stop. Now, 25 years later, Daniel finds himself telling stories to anybody who wishes to listen, trying to stop before people tell him to.

Trained in theatre making and community arts facilitation, Daniel discovered his love of storytelling in the wiles of West Cumbria when making street theatre and performance work with local communities.

Plying his trade telling stories in schools, on street corners, at festivals, on boats and in yurts he has built up extensive experience of working with people, priding himself on his ability to engage and entertain any group, in any context with enthusiasm and sensitivity.  Daniel likes to tell stories from every corner of the world but is particularly interested in English and Scottish folklore. He is also quite partial to a tale or two of tomfoolery and foolishness.

Daniel recently spent five months travelling through the vastness of South America; horse riding ranch to ranch in Uruguay and trekking through the Chilean Wilderness in attempt to uncover a rich and interesting folklore. Now based in Glasgow, Daniel wishes to bring back these stories to Scotland and share them with audiences up and down the country.

Daniel is passionate about storytelling and can bring energy and enthusiasm to any event that you might be planning, whether that is a small performance event or a long term arts project.

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