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Cathy Low

Cathy is a powerful teller of tales, bringing dramatic flair and energy to her tellings of stories from around the world. She engages and delights listeners of all ages, from tiny children to great big adults.

She’s particularly interested in the healing power of story, the therapeutic effects and how stories can help people to relax and explore individual situations and issues. She also loves the fun of stories!

She works with a wide story spectrum, including traditional Scottish traveller tales, stories from nature, stories that go on adventures and take you to far off places and times, stories that go deep...

A native of Deeside, Cathy can use Doric and local history to bring the past to life and her work in India and Sri Lanka for many years brings an international dimension to her storytelling. As well as storytelling, Cathy has also worked as a teacher of French, English and drama. She can combine storytelling with these elements to produce innovative interpretations of stories for performance by small or large groups of children, young people and adults. She has worked with the BBC to produce a series of programmes based on the folklore of food and cooking.

Cathy brings enthusiasm, a sense of fun and an imaginative touch to story sessions, wherever they might be – from crowded school halls to cosy camp fires.

Contact Information

Telephone: 01339 756 333



Anderson Road
AB35 5QW

Area: North East

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