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Calum Lykan

I love to tell stories, it's my passion and my world. And what I love most is a challenge: give me a theme, a concept, an emotion and then give me a second till a story springs to mind.

That is the best way to tell a tale.

Life needs breathed into the stories and with each new telling they take flight and form.

And I carry this belief in storytelling into my Storytelling and  Walking Tours. I offer a broad range of walking tours from Storytelling, Ghostly, Historical and everything in between.

My stories have taken me all over the world and I've told stories in a wealth of locations from libraries, schools, community centers, public houses, theaters, festivals, the streets, in distant lands and even in ancient Redwood Forests and loved ever minute of ever experience.

I was born and raised in Ayrshire in the heart of Burns country growing up surrounded by the stories from this rich and beautiful area. And like the Bard I moved to Edinburgh where I am a regular contributor at such nights as Cafe Voices and The Guid Crack.

And that wasn't enough. Early in my career I formed The Burgh Blatherers Group, a development group for new and up and coming storytellers in Edinburgh. The idea was to give the opportunity to test out stories and build confidence telling to groups of people. This group I am happy to say is still running and although I have handed over the running of it, due to a busy schedule, I am still an active member of it's monthly meetings.

Scottish and Irish folk tales and legends, Norse and Greek myths, tales from Europe, Asia, America are just some of the stories I love to tell.


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Mobile: 07794 020 583




7 Whiteside Road

Area: Ayrshire

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