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Anne Pitcher

Anne believes passionately in the power of storytelling to enrich people’s lives. Stories which are rich in humour, drama, passion, history, mystery, wonder and action appeal Anne, and Celtic stories - especially Scottish folklore - fairy tales and legends tug Anne’s heart strings in telling. She also loves the richness and diversity of the stories she has gathered on her travels around the world, from other storytellers and story books.

Anne enjoys recreating a sense of place and time with rich characters and interesting plots using a highly participative and multi-sensory approach with the help of songs, rhymes, music, sound makers, puppets and interesting backdrops. She is skilled at developing both children’s and adult’s storytelling skills and encouraging them to create their own tales, and can support any courses provided with appropriate written materials. CPD can be delivered anywhere and tailored to requirements.

As a committed Christian, Anne aims to bring the Bible alive for any age group, in an interactive and engaging way. She also provides CPD for church groups in storytelling.

Having been a nursery teacher Anne believes in the power, relevance and effectiveness of storytelling within education and has an understanding of the implementation of the Curriculum for Excellence within Early Years. Anne experienced in engaging children with Additional Support Needs through a multi-sensory, interactive, participatory storytelling approach. Anne can also provide storytelling training for High school pupils and CPD for teaching staff as well as university students as part of their PGCE or PGDE.

Puppets are often part of Anne’s stories – she has a “family” of about 500 puppets – and she also offers puppet making workshops. From simple envelope puppets to shadow puppets – Anne focuses on re-using and re-cycling materials.

In 2013 Anne began a journey in telling and translating stories into French, with a bi-lingual storytelling project, and she is always willing to embark on a storytelling challenge and hopes to undertake some new and exciting journeys in the future.

Anne is heavily involved with an ongoing project telling the story of Kilbarchan which is TASGADH funded - for details visit

Contact Information

Telephone: 01505 702 586

Mobile: 07708 059 770




2 Low Barholm
PA10 2ET

Area: Greater Glasgow

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