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The Secret of Dreaming

Just like the Halloween Guisers, modern storytellers are concerned with the environment and how people can work together through times of change and challenge.

At this year’s festival, we will be talking about how storytelling can help in taking the core values of the Earth Charter forward around the world.

The 2017 Scottish International Storytelling Festival supports and offers three days of open table talks around the themes of the Earth Charter. The Earth Charter was developed after a worldwide dialogue on common goals and values for social justice, peace and sustainability.

Read more about the Earth Charter here and download the text in any of 59 languages here.

Spanish storyteller and writer, Grian Cutanda, has made this short animation based on an Australian Aboriginal Creation Myth. Australian Aborigines have one of the oldest storytelling traditions in the world. This version has been adapted by Rowan Walking Wolf for global audiences. The film is available in English and Spanish.

 Below you will find PDFs with a text version of The Secret of Dreaming, plus Grian Cutanda's academic research on the story.

Part of the Open Word - Open World Outreach Resource Pack for the 2017 Scottish International Storytelling Festival.


Text - The Secret of Dreaming

Essay on The Secret of Dreaming