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Search our database of traditional arts resources, divided into four main categories: dance, music, song and storytelling. Containing transcripts of tales, scores of music, dance instructions and video and audio files, the resources range from simple one-page pdfs to in-depth essays, as well as links to external websites containing related resources.

The aim is to create as comprehensive an archive as possible of Scotland’s traditional arts, without duplicating anything that is already available on the web. If you have a resource that you would like to contribute, or know of any resources already available that you think we should signpost to, please email

Music Resources

Here you can find a selection of useful music resources.

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Storytelling Resources

Whether you are a professional storyteller, a complete beginner...

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Dance Resources

Here you can find a selection of useful traditional dance resources.

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Gifting Every Child

Core traditional arts resource aimed at 6 to 9 year olds.

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Latest Resources

Census of Traditional Music in Community Settings 2015-1...


Over 2016, the TMF undertook a census of involvement of learning of traditional...

Gifting Every Child Dance Steps


As part of TRACS' Gifting Every Child resource, Mats Melin presents some key...

Traditions of May

Text, Images

Do you celebrate the 1st of May? May Day, or Beltane, is one...

Online Traditional Music Resources


The links below are all to freely available resources, many of which give...

Traditional Music Forum

The TMF is a network of around 80 music organisations supporting Scotland’s vibrant traditional music community.

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Scottish Storytelling Forum

The Scottish Storytelling Forum was founded in 1992 to encourage and support the telling and sharing of stories amongst all age groups and all sectors of society.

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Traditional Dance Forum of Scotland

Traditional Dance Forum of Scotland is currently being developed with the aim to support all Scottish traditional dance forms as well as other traditional dance forms established in Scotland.

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Courses and Workshops

We host a variety of courses and workshops to give you access to quality teaching and resources for the traditional arts and Scottish culture.

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