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Primary Music Toolkit: ISM Trust

The ISM Trust, supported by the Schools Music Association (SMA), has commissioned this toolkit to help primary school teachers better understand what music teaching is and how it can be utilised even more to bring the primary curriculum to life.

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Plockton Music School: Open Days & Auditions

The National Centre of Excellence in Traditional Music has gained a reputation as the number one place for young people to develop their skills as traditional musicians.

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Paul Hamlyn Foundation: Teacher Development Fund

The Purpose of the Fund

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The Bard and I

Keara Murphy: Still Steaming Misogyny in Burns’ Supper Clubs in 2018

Keara Murphy at a Burns SupperKeara Murphy has been hosting and speaking at Burns’ Suppers for around 20 years

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Be & Stay Healthy: Information for Musicians

Musicians are often at higher risk of mental or phsycial health problems than many other professions. Musicians are also predominantly self employed,  subject to worries around income and managing the varied of self employment.

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