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Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland

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6 Questions with Twelfth Day

Esther SwiftEsther Swift – likened to

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6 Questions with Salt House

Salt House bassist Euan Burton gave us a bit of insight into this Acoustic quartet which combines four distinct musical minds creating grassroots folk with contemporary influences.

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What You Mummering On About?

Old traditions reinvented for the 21st century - find out about this community art before taking part in the fantastic mummering opportunities this May Day weekend

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Free music, song and story workshops

Changes Community Health Project and Superact present ‘Sea Changes’ a series of 6 FREE music, song, and story workshops with Eileen Penman and Martine Robertson.

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New website for Scots Language Radio

Scots Language Radio, a project from Frieda Morrison and Steve Byrne, is a monthly podcast about Scottish Culture and Events. There are 1.5 million Scots speakers in Scotland, and the station hopes to alter a linguistic mindset which has seen Scots fade out of public speech.

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