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New Piece of Scots Storytelling Theatre Available Online

The Red Chair is based on acclaimed Dundee-born Sarah Cameron’s original book; a surreal story of a dysfunctional family whose father literally eats himself into a chair.

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The Curious Scrapbook of Josephine Bean

A Scrapbook of Genius for Children from Shona Reppe

In her white lab coat, and armed with tweezers, a magnifying glass and other alluring scientific instruments, Dr Patricia Baker; part detective, part scientist and world renowned Scrapologist visits Edinburgh to examine, page-by-page, a mysterious scrapbook.

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Recipients of Traditional Dance Residency Announced

We're delighted to announce this as the first in a new collaboration between the Traditional Dance Forum of Scotland and Dance Base, believing that the sign of a healthy culture is when traditional and contemporary arts can come together to enrich each other'

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Gender Gap in Folk Music: Reflections from 1980's

Following on from discussions at Celtic Connections and Tradfest on Gender Inequality across Traditional Music, Eileen Penman has shared with us her reflections and concerns on this issue published in 1983 in Edinburgh Folk Club newsletter.

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TradFest Theatre Piece Explores Hamish Henderson’s International Context Today

Hamish HendersonEnacting the poems and songs of the late Hamish Henderson (1919-2002), On the Radical Road

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