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When did you stop singing, dancing and being enchanted by stories?
Rediscover imagination’s power to enliven and transform.


Develop your skills in storytelling, music and dance at the Scottish Storytelling Centre.

'Whenever I feel like I’m bogging down, creatively speaking, I sign up for a workshop at the Scottish Storytelling Centre and I always come away inspired.' (Alette J Willis)

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Presented by TRACS (Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland), the Scottish Storytelling Centre hosts a variety of courses and workshops, offering a feast of participative culture for anyone involved in arts, education and community work across Scotland.

A range of professional development opportunities give you access to quality teaching and resources exploring Scottish culture and the traditional arts.

Suitable for teachers, social workers, care staff, volunteers, artists and those wanting to develop their skills in the participative arts, our 2015 programme covers Storytelling, Music and Song, Dance and Drama; exploring their cultural, environmental and educational connections.

The aims of these workshops are:

  • To enhance our capacity for life by assisting people to understand, interpret and influence the world around them.
  • To enrich our experience by bringing colour, passion and intensity to our emotions, thoughts and imaginations.
  • To provide a supportive environment in which people can build their skills, confidence and self-esteem.
  • To enable all those who live and visit here to share in Scotland's culture, celebrating diversity and hosting an international web of folk connections.

The workshop programme has three strands:

  • Crafting Your Skills – Reflect on and widen your skill set. Aimed at teachers, educators, artists, individuals and those involved in local community.
  • Enlivened Communities – Explore the relationship between creative practice and community enrichment. Cross art-form workshops aimed at particular areas of social engagement.
  • Scotland’s Cultures – Introduction to cultural resources and themes for interpretation that can be used personally, or with groups and organisations.

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We can provide bespoke training to suit your continuing professional development needs either at the Scottish Storytelling Centre or at your own venue. Please contact Donald for more information.

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