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Fringe 2017

Storytelling Centre Festival Fringe 2017

Local Talent. International Context.

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Alice Fernbank Helps us Get to Grips with Characterisation

Experienced storyteller with a background in theatre arts, Alice Fernbank, leads a two-part workshop devoted to exploring how we embody the characters in the stories we tell and th

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Enjoy a Scotland and German Fusion of Storytelling at Glendale

Escape the daily grind with a weekend retreat and let Highland Bard George Macpherson show you the special, secret and beautiful places in Skye, alongside special storytellin

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Clouds Harp Quartet

Q&A: Esther Swift, Clouds Harp Quartet

What's the origin of the name, Clouds Harp Quartet?  

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John Knox House

John Knox House Wins 2017 Experts' Choice Award

John Knox House is among the winners of the 2017 Experts' Choice Award from TripExpert.

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