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In Memory of Angie Townsend 2016

Storyteller Angie Townsend recently passed away after brave and courageous fight with cancer. Her funeral takes place at St Michael’s Church in Inveresk today, followed by

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Audacious Women Festival & International Women’s Day

From 21 – 29 Feb 2016, the Audacious Women Festival marks its first ever edition, a chance to break down personal, political or institutional barriers, and to cele

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A season of Gaelic events at SSC

Tha coimhearsnachd bheòthail de luchd-labhairt agus luchd-ionnsachaidh na Gàidhlig a’ fuireach ann an Dùn Éideann, agus tha sinne aig Ionad Sgeulachdan na h-Alba glè thoilichte gu bheil sinn am

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Remembering Brigid this winter

In Celtic mythology, Brigid – sometimes known as ‘Bride’ in Scotland – is the goddess of healing, poetry, smithcraft, and childbirth.

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