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Q&A: Mara Menzies of Nzinga Warrior Queen

With just a few weeks until the Edinbugh Festival Fringe 2016 begins, we want to get to know our acts a little better!

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Storytellers explore Asian legends and star lore

Also known as tanabata, meaning ‘evening of the seventh’ in Japanese, the St

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Songs Unseen

Q&A with composer Karen MacIver

Songs Unseen treats you to world premieres of tunes from the Tony nominated duo Bill Russell & Janet Hood (Elegies for Angels, Punks and Ragi

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Q&A with Kevin Quantum

A scientist by training, Kevin Quantum was introduced to the world of magic in 2005 and has since combined the two to become a scientist-illusionist hybrid.

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Dreams and nightmares of Venezuela in 'Memories of a Lullaby'

As Venezuela sinks deeper into its economic crisis, with some reports claiming it could soon become a ‘Somalia in the Caribbean’, it can be easy for those outside the country to overlook all its po

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