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Obituary: Jamie Stuart, Glasgow Bible Author

Born: September 10, 1920–Died: July 28, 2016

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Celeste and Seal

Q&A: Join Celeste’s Circus at the Fringe

The Centre is delighted to welcome Celeste and her Circus back after gleeful surprises and pocket-sized spectacles in 2014!

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Q&A: Harry from Men with Coconuts

Here at the Centre for a limited run from 3 Aug to 11 Aug at 7pm, the Men with Coconuts haven’t slaved away con

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Q&A: Ishbel McFarlane - O is for Hoolet

Who owns language? Who governs it, and why?

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Q&A: Erin, Errol & the Earth Creatures

Here at the Centre from Thu 4 – Sun 21 Aug (not 17-19) as part of our Fringe 2016 line-up, Erin

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