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A resourceful person is required to support Scotland’s oral storytellers in the next phase of their work in shared advocacy, creative development, communications, and community empowerment.

You should be:

  • Committed to the ethos and values of oral storytelling in Scotland today
  • A connector and communicator able to listen and help people help each other
  • An advocate and strategist enabling storytelling to engage with key areas of Scottish life and society
  • A tactician able to deal with complex challenges
  • Digitally confident in a people friendly way

Job Purpose:

  • To help the national storytelling network flourish
  • To support the office bearers and members of the Scottish Storytelling Forum Executive in fulfilling their role
  • To ensure good communication between Tracs and the Scottish Storytelling Forum
  • To contribute to the local, national and international development of Tracs


  1. Supporting the storytelling network in its key functions including strategy, promotion, advocacy, professional development, education and lifelong participation  
  2. Reporting between the Scottish Storytelling Forum and the Tracs Board
  3. Supporting the Chair and office-bearers of the Forum in administration, finance and good governance
  4. Advising on projects and connecting storytellers with opportunities
  5. Maintaining and developing the Storyteller Directory
  6. Ensuring that Forum activities feed into Tracs marketing and communications
  7. Contributing to festivals and events as appropriate
  8. Seeking project funding when appropriate for the Forum’s work
  9. Organising the annual Network Development Gathering
  10. Drafting an Annual Work Plan for Forum approval
  11. Acting as  a member of the Tracs staff management team
  12. Acting as line manager for any assistant or project staff working with the Forum

Reports To: Director of Tracs as line manager, and Chair, The Scottish Storytelling Forum for Forum support and work programme

Remuneration is in the region of £27,500 pa with flexible terms and conditions.

Please apply with covering letter and a CV by Friday 22nd January 2016 to:

Donald Smith
Director, Tracs
Scottish Storytelling Centre,
43-45 High Street,
Edinburgh EH1 1SR.

Interviews will be on Tuesday 23rd February 2016. Please send both a hardcopy and e-copy application copied to


About Tracs (Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland)
Tracs is a support and development organisation for traditional arts and culture in Scotland. It facilitates the work of the Scottish Storytelling Forum, the Traditional Music Forum, and the Traditional Dance Forum of Scotland, based at the Scottish Storytelling Centre.
In addition Tracs leads, in consultation with the Forums, on shared advocacy,  policy development, strategic relationships,  programme initiatives and promotion, involving different aspects of Scotland’s traditional arts, culture and languages.
Tracs operates in a uniquely collaborative way appropriate to the diverse networks, that underpin Scotland’s arts of tradition locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.
Within Tracs, the Storytelling Forum is the key body for advising on storytelling development , and for identifying key issues and opportunities. The Forum is run by a Committee elected by the members who are themselves storytellers or people with an enthusiasm and concern for storytelling in Scottish society. The Forum also has regional representatives who keep the committee abreast of developments across Scotland.
The Storytelling Co-ordinator leads on all aspects of oral storytelling development to assist the Storytelling Forum, the Board and staff management team in delivery of the organisation’s mission and key objectives.