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Charles Nasmyth artwork of Hamish Henderson

Authentic Voices, Celebrations & Dedications for the 15th Carrying Stream Festival at the SSC

The 15th Carrying Stream Festival will take place in Edinburgh this year from 9-16 November and the Scottish Storytelling Centre hosts a trio of events, plus an

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Look after your Noggin: Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival

Every year, World Mental Health Day (Mon 10 Oct) draws attention to the importance of talking about our heads, which is one of the best things we can do to keep our mental health in check – why do you think we’re constantly harping on about the effect live storyt

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Mario Pirovano performs Francis the Holy Jester by Dario Fo

Last performed in Scotland two years ago and with a glowing response during its showcase at 2009s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, this is a rare opportunity to see Dario Fo’s monologue, performed by his close friend and leading interpreter of his work, Mario Pirovano, this Saturday, 8

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Working Creatively with Small Groups

The Scottish Recovery Network and Scottish Poetry Library’s Living Voices programme are collaborating to deliver a series of workshops on

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Powerful One Woman Show explores Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Shelley O'Brien in She Wins All the RacesShelley O’Brien brings her moving one woman show – tag lined as a “Tragicomedy with Bisc

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