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Art of the Storyteller: Ruth Kirkpatrick

The Art of the Storyteller series is all about getting to the heart of storytelling and showcasing the rich variety of skills, interest points and avenues that the artform can take you.

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A Story for Christmas

With 30 days to go until Christmas Day... Here’s a story of a story told on Christmas morn from Duncan Williamson in conversation with David Campbell in 1995, to remind us all of the true heart of the festive season.

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Winter Warmers: DIY Folk Drama & Multi-Cultural Feast for St Andrew’s Day

The home of Scotland’s stories begins its Winter Warmers season as part of Scotland’s Winter Festivals in a celebration of Scottish traditions, rooted in community engagement with

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Lift your Voices and Explore the Scots Song Tradition with Scott and Mairi

I love songs and I love singing, but until I spent some time with Scott I really didn’t trust my voice or have the self–confidence to just go for it. He is such a wonderful teacher – kind, understanding and full of fun.

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Cradle King: King James meets Shakespeare in historic John Knox House

An intimate audience with Shakespeare’s patron, King James. Brainy, dream-haunted, theatre crazy, peace loving…he’s the real-life inspiration for Hamlet & Macbeth, but whose ghost might get him first?

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