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The Wonderful World of Lapin

Fringe 2017: Tania Czajka Q&A

Bonjour! We are delighted to have our little pal Lapin back to the Centre for the Fringe, where he’s keen for little ones to meet his friends, get bilingual and have a carrot boogie!

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More Moira Monologues

Fringe 2017: Alan Bissett Q&A

On this date next month, the Storytelling Centre’s first Festival Fringe performance will take to the stage - and it’s only Moira fae Falkirk, back with another slice of home truths on the state of the world as we know it

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Mary and Marion Kenny

Sisters Showcase Art of the Storyteller

On the 1st of July, storytelling sisters Mary and Marion Kenny come together to present the latest in the Art of the Storyteller workshop and performance series. Read on to learn more about their backgrounds and storytelling inspirations...

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Dunsapie Loch and Arthur's Seat by Lisa Jarvis

The Stories in our Ancestors Steps

The feet of our ancestors tell more than just where they tread...

Scotland’s culture has evolved over millennia, and at its heart is a close relationship with our natural environment which is showcased at seasonal festivals, such as Samhuinn in winter and Beltane in summer.

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Discover Scots & Gaelic Song with Siobhan Miller & Sineag MacIntyre

Enjoy a unique opportunity to delve into the rich song traditions of Scotland in two upcoming full-day workshops at the Scottish Storytelling Centre – Scots

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