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The Bard and I

Keara Murphy: Still Steaming Misogyny in Burns’ Supper Clubs in 2018

Keara Murphy at a Burns SupperKeara Murphy has been hosting and speaking at Burns’ Suppers for around 20 years

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Celebrate Scotland’s Bard with BurnsFest

From 20-27 January, the Scottish Storytelling Centre will pay homage to Robert Burns with wonderful events celebrating his life and legacy.

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Folk Drama Play in Action

Warm Up with Family Friendly Folk Drama this Winter

This winter, Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland (TRACS) are once again on a mission to rejuvenate midwinter traditions in Scotland with seasonal folk dramas, to enrich community life and ensure all ages can get involved over the coldest of seasons, connecting the old and new t

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Jekyll & Hyde return for an alternative festive treat

A bit sick of Christmas? Come indulge your dark side with a modern dramatisation of RL Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Real life or nightmare? Dark or light? And are these guys separate or just two faces of the same story?

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Job Opportunities at the Scottish Storytelling Centre

Applications are now open for two new positions at the Scottish Storytelling Centre: Administration and Development Officer and Retail and Box Office Supervisor.

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