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Margaret Bennett leads the celebration in the Storytelling Court

Farewell to Paddy

Over one hundred people attended ‘Farewell to Paddy’ at the Scottish Storytelling Centre on Tuesday 28th February to raise a glass, sing a song and remember with gratitude all that Eberhard “Paddy

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Daiva Ivanauskaite, Debbie Cannon & Jan Bee Brown

Stories on the Way – a Q&A with our Apprentice Storytellers

Scotland has a vibrant group of new storytellers, honing their skills and developing their craft with the help of the Centre's Storytelling Apprenticeship, led by Janis Mackay.

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Exploring the Renaissance of Pilgrimage in Scotland

“I perch to rest, and from this misty cnoc the whole world goes drifting by” – Alastair McIntosh,  Poacher’s Pilgrimage: An Island Journey

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Why is February the season of Bride?

"A bannock fur Bride Roun lik the sun

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Folk Drama for Burns Night: Tam's Mare Meg

“A blethering, blustering, drunken blellum; That frae November till October, Ae market-day thou was na sober; That ilka melder wi’ the Miller,

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