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Sat 7 Apr - Sat 26 May

Annalisa Exhibit

Terra is soil as well as place. In this playful visual ceilidh between Scottish fairytales and Sardinian contos, illustrator Annalisa Salis presents a series of ink drawings where two geographically distant places come together through their traditional stories.

Ottighitta meets Rashiecoat, the White Dove evokes Antoneddu e Mariedda, showing that all stories come from the same ground.

Featuring illustrations from Donald Smith's new book, Wee Folk Tales and a repertoire of traditional Sardinian contos, largely contributed by storytellers Enedina Sanna and Franco Enna.


  Sometimes the Centre's exhibition space is not accessible to the public because of a private function booking.
Please call +44 (0)131 556 9579 to check.

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