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Wed 30 Nov 2016 – Sat 7 Jan 2017

Scottish Stories

Scottish Stories is the latest of Space Artworks' annual 100 Small Works Exhibition. Each year they ask members of the community and affiliated groups and projects to create small works on 15x15cm canvases.

This year's theme was Scottish Literature and Tales and the response was fantastic with the creative and exciting ways everyone involved interpreted and subverted the theme, including a colourful depiction of Greyfriars Bobby's brain, brussel sprouts, treasure islands, kelpies and selkies to name a few!

The exhibition ran at Space Artworks until the end of September and is now showcased at the Home of Scotland’s Stories.

With such a wonderful variety of works on show there is sure to be something everyone will enjoy.

All works are for sale - £25 each, with 50% going to the artist and 50% to the gallery. As a social enterprise, any profits Space Artworks makes goes straight back into the project - read more about the great work our sales contribute to here.


Wed 11 Jan - Sat 4 Feb 2017

Alastair McNaught Art

An exhibition exploring the notion of landscape in the abstract.

Alastair McNaught's work is produced by manipulating the properties of mixed media; allowing the paintings to form in the same way as geological forces shape landscapes, writing the story of the mountains and terrain over time.

The pieces are titled with reference to radio navigation waypoints used in aviation. They are to be thought of as snapshots of these pinpoints in space and time; a navigation log of the atmosphere, vapour, light and weather found at each point in the story of a journey over the Earth's surface.


Fri 10 Mar - Sat 8 Apr

Voices of Experince Exhibit

An exhibition of images and audio from photographer Jim Mackintosh that explores our social history by celebrating the lives, experiences and achievements of the older members of our community.

Over 40 volunteers aged 75 - 106 gave very open and honest accounts of their life stories, which revealed hardship and deprivation, luck and good fortune, laughter and tears, and what it means to be old.

I love meeting people, always have. Most of us don’t make a habit of being photographed so it’s great to be able to put people at ease and capture a natural shot." – Jim Mackintosh

Sometimes the Centre's exhibition space is not accessible to the public because of a private function booking. Please call 0131 556 9579 to check.

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