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Traditional Music Forum

The TMF is a netwirk o aroond echtie music organisations supportin Scotland’s hotterin tradeetional music community. We include clubs, festivals, community music projects, academic institutions, promoters, agents, publishers an labels amang oor maimbers; representin a braid soop o wide reengin acteevity an thoosans o musicians, enthusiasts, activists, parteecipants an listeners aw ower Scotland.

The Traditional Music Forum, supportit bae Creative Scotland, aims tae be:

  • Veesible – an oan haund, a first pliss o contact;
  • Vocal – a credible an authoritative advocate for tradeetional music;
  • Valuable – an effective representative o tradeetional music organisations in Scotland.

The Foarum aims to advocate the pliss fur tradeetional music at the hert o Scottish life an tae upsteer the braidest possible road in tae it. It is a key resource fur information an advice oan tradeetional music fur Creative Scotland an ither public bodies.