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Traditional Music

Tradeetional Music

Historically, Scottish music hus been a braid kirk, based oan local influences, sich as language an social settin. The instrument maist weel cleekit wi Scotland is acourse the bagpipe, but the tradeetional music scene is ferr braider, takkin in instruments sich as the fiddle, accoardion an clàrsach (Scottish herp) each wi strang an distinct tradeetions o thir ain. 


Traditional Music Forum

The TMF is a netwirk o aroond echtie music organisations supportin Scotland’s hotterin tradeetional music community. We include clubs, festivals, community music projects, academic institutions, promoters, agents, publishers an labels amang oor maimbers; representin a braid soop o wide reengin acteevity an thoosans o musicians, enthusiasts, activists, parteecipants an listeners aw ower Scotland.

Aboot the Forum