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Traditional Dance

Tradeetional Dance

Scotland is fair lowpin wi tradeetional dancin. Thoosans o fowk o aw ages parteecipate an watch tradeetional dance in Scotland an aw ower the warld. Written accoonts oan the dancin gauns back tae the Seeventeen-hunders. Parteecular styles huv cheynged as time huz gaun oan an monie airts o Scotland huv thir ain slant oan parteecular dances.

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Scottish Country Dancers

Traditional Dance Forum of Scotland

The TDFS is a new forum tae pit thegither tae spreid the word an celebrate the muckle reenge o Scottish tradeetional dance an ither relatit tradeetional an social dance foarms in Scotland. Whit wi want tae dae is tae mak veesible an len a haund tae the tradeetional dance getherins an netwirks that are ariddie in pliss. Oor aim is tae pit a licht oan an len a haund tae the estaiblished netwirks o tradeetional getherins.

We wull:

  • set oot / len a haund tae wirkshops an foregetherins
  • len a haund tae trainers, educators an faceelitators
  • growe an highlicht educational resources
  • huv advice oan haund an point oot tae fowk tae the different pairts o support
  • cleek netwirks thegither through makkin thaim awaure o yin anither an joint foregetherins.
  • try tae mak it easier fur fowk tae finnd thir wey intae the breidth o the gethert knowledge

If ye are interestit in kennin mair, please jist email [Inglish only]

 Ye can Like uz oan Facebook an oan Follae uz oan Twitter

Jine the TDFS

Jinin the TDFS is a braw wey tae git yersel better kent in the airt o the tradeetional arts sector an mair generally an aw.

In Twintie-fowerteen we wull be wirkin tae mak maimbership growe an spreid. Maimbership is open tae organisations, musicians, promoters, perfoarmers, audiences, competitors and acteeve parteecipant dancers.

  • Group/Organisation: £20
  • Individual: £10/8 (standard concession)

Ye can doonload the maimbership foarm here. (Inglish only)

As weel as helpin oot a guid cheritable cause, jinin the TDFS wull gie ye the pooer tae cheynge the organisation fur the better, dae better as weel frae bein in wi ither netwirks due tae the support at haund, an git discoontits whin sneckin oor foregetherins an wirkshops.