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Takkin Pairt

Whar can I hear tradeetional music?

Scotland is fou o opportunities tae cleek some trad music. Oan the Members page (pages tae follae in Inglish) ye can finnd oot aboot professional concerts through oor venues an the mair infoarmal clubs. Thair is a stowed year-roond schedule o festivals takkin plaiss, an a shoommin culture o community-based sang an tune sessions happenin in pubs an ither public spaces. Search oanline fur sessions in yer airt. Thir are yaisually free tae watch or tak pairt in, an are a guid opportunity fur musicians at aw levels tae meet an share music thegither. Ye can alsae finnd a nummer o record labels and publishers dedicatit tae trad. Finnd oot mair here.

Whar can I tak pairt in tradeetional music?

Traditional music is at hert a community phenomenon, an the best wey tae experience it is tae tak pairt. Scotland hus a braw body o community music organisations offerin tuition fur bairns an aulder yins, social playin, perfoarmance opportunities an local resources. Ye micht alsae want tae tak a deek at whit oor development organisations are involved wi the noo, or deek intae a specialty sich as strathspey and reel, piping or harp.

How can I sneck tradeetional musicians?

The trad music community prides itsel oan its verra high standart o musicians. Ye can sneck musicians fur dancin (ceilidhs), public gigs, private foregetherins, teachin or fundraisin foregetherins (tae name but a haunfu). Monie musicians can be got in touch directly through thir websites, but fur specialist help, see oor agents and promoters. Ye can finnd information aboot appropriate levels o pey through the Musicians’ Union, an ferther information fur the professional sector through the ither services offered bae oor maimbers.

Whar can I study tradeetional music?

Scotland is host tae a reenge o high quality academic institutions pittin oan courses tae dae wi tradeetional music; frae high scuil level tae PhD, practical tae research-based.